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Press Release: Lewini's Debut Winter Collection Fashion Show at Jacobs University Bremen

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

November 30, 2020- Bremen, Germany -

Fashion designer David Lewis presented his debut Lewini unisex Winter Collection on the 14th of November at 18:00 on the campus of his undergraduate school, Jacobs University Bremen. Following Covid guidelines, there were no live attendees and the show was filmed for online release.

"Our first-ever fashion show introduces a key aspect of Lewini––our unique and distinctive approach to blending colour. A fundamental part of the Lewini design process is that of colour gradients––every Lewini piece is created from a combination of colour gradients mostly ranging from light to dark colours, with a few exceptions. Our Winter collection pieces highlight this aspect in detail," David shares.

The collection

Our Winter 2020 Collection comprises the following sets:

  1. Urban Street-Styled Dungarees

  2. Signature Jumpsuits

  3. Vintage Classics

Giving rise to our theme “a gentle infusion of colour” which happens to be our first established design principle. Colours have always been deeply rooted in our history, expressed through our philosophy of “minority vs. majority”, where the minor details in every Lewini piece are what gives it our identity. Most times these happen to be patterns or solid colours, texts or descriptions, cuts or shapes, by making one a minor/major detail we give life to our designs, and put the minor detail in conversation with the major to communicate the Lewini narrative.

Stay tuned for the release of the Lewini Winter Collection online store on the 15th of December, 2020. In the meantime, please watch the full fashion show via the link below:


About Lewini

Fashion designer David Lewis established Lewini in 2016. Since then, Lewini has been reinventing unisex clothing for the fashion enthusiast with its signature pants and dungarees. As a young boy in Lagos, Nigeria, David's first inspirations in fashion came from the colourfulness and imagery of the native traditional textiles he saw during his trips to the textile market with his mother. Lewini is built around three brand values: ethnic, pioneering, and expressive. Our founding inspirations stem from native materials; our unique combinations of colours and patterns pioneer a new way to be fashionable with colour, making every day a runway with Lewini. As you look through our debut winter 2020 collection, keep an eye on the patterns and cuts that make up the minor details, and use that to understand and interpret one aspect of our design philosophy.

For press inquiries, please contact:

David Lewis

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